He named me and renamed me
I am known as one He sends forth 
To bring healing to the nations from within
Collaborating with His breath resting on my shoulder
He whispers the order of my every steps
The oil of intimacy shed abroad my new healed heart
Going out to seal the wounds of time

He has rescued me from the forces of obscurity and translated me into the Kingdom of whom I belong 
I am one with Him 
Created for love, to be loved, and in love responding with my voice
Singing in full affection of my soul and heart devotion to His transcendence
He sings back songs of deliverance over and over me
Restoring and reviving my life
I am laughing out loud with shouts of joy 
Filled to the brim with His delight 
He enjoys me!

I am growing into the fullness of my identity in Him
Maturing in love that is perfect and complete
For in Him I live, move, and have my entire being

My heart trembles at the speed of His light
Darkness expelled in His presence
Life make sense with Him
Chaos and anarchy evicted 
My knees weakened at the glimpse of His glorious beauty 
I am humbled, tested, and purified by the fiery love in His chamber

He protects, provide, and empowers me to Rest in His covenant
Enjoying Him and not striving for acceptance
Belonging and not starving for other longing
For my hunger and thirst are satisfied with His righteousness 
Living in the simplicity of ecstatic joy
He is my pleasure 
Betrothed to serve and see him happy
For He makes me happy
Responding with all of my heart 
Completely stirred by His enjoyment and gladness in me
I make Him laugh
A divine romance filled with total bliss…

I go out in absolute authority in His holy name and the power of His might
He has anointed my voice to break yokes
Declaring crown of beauty for ashes
Joyous blessings instead of mourning
Liberty for the captives
Freedom for the prisoner
Garment of praise instead of despair
To proclaim the year of the Lord’s favor
To rebuild the ancient ruin, to raise up and restore the former desolation

He said, butterflies and birds shall come bursting out of my mouth 
and words of life be spoken in love that’ll bring transformation and freedom
He calls me FLO, for I flow in the Spirit with His
Releasing Favor and Love in Outpouring
He named me and Renamed me
I AM His, a blossoming flower out of the pleasure of His heart

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