Fashioned To Abide

Resting in the essence of your word
Cleansed by your moral precepts
I am purified every time you speak
Our eyes meet face to face in the secret place
I sit there with you as you stand here with me
My soul intently trusting in your perfection
Holding fast to the truth of your affection
Your fiery eyes stares into the lattice of my soul
All the other lovers burned away

I only have one desire in my inmost part
So I ask, seek, and knock
Open the flood gates wide
And release rapid revelations of the river into my life
I am tender, I am flexible
Bring forth the intrinsic expressions of adoration within me
Enduring the time that we live in now
This is not where I belong
Increase my awareness of the faithful seeds you’ve planted in my garden

I am remaining one with you
No longer occupied with self gratification
You’ve kept me blameless
Fitted to bare fruitfulness as one attached to the one who is efflorescence
I’m dwelling in your presence
Inhabited with Heavens noise that surrounds me
To sojourn through this present suffering
Seizing the moment

Intimately closing in the public touch has now become a private kiss
Kissing, enjoying each other with the resounding whispers and gentle laughters
I will not forget
Yes, I will remember often
I will feast and drink at the banqueting table that you’ve set before me
Right here, right now
Nothing else demand my attention
In this twinkling of an eye
Than the beauty I behold in you

I am worthy to become a mirror of the one whose held me pure and clean
Not by anything I can lift up in offering
But the precious cost of the wine His poured out
To redeemed me with His extravagant love
Claiming I belong to Him
So I am
Sealed with the stamp of His breath
Therefore I fashioned to abide in Him in this moment
And for all eternity

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