JOY of The King

I am perfectly completely in HIM
Whole, One, Set apart
I am utterly affected by everything that He is
My soul is exclusively entwined as one with Him
I cannot escape, I don’t want to escape 
Bound with my emotions to the radical expressions and fiery passion of His relentless pursuit
His jealousy is ferocious for the tender affection of my soul and the loyal devotion of my heart
His prison cell is the most liberating confinement of loosing myself
My mind wandered only to find hunger and thirst for pleasure 
In the presence of famished awe and captivated wonder

He is perfect in beauty
Fairer than the sons of men
The more I behold Him
The more His delight holds the fullness of my entire being the depths and heights of who I AM

My soul is contently fixed on Him
I cannot escape, I will not escape 
My seeking heart finds a deeper longer for certainty, untainted bliss, simplicity
I found whom my heart belongs to
Divine Connection, my identity 
Two becoming one yet so free
Transformed in the deepest part of whose I AM
A tender place of focused heart, single eye, one mind
Responding to full surrender
Willful submission, an intimate friendship
Not my will, but thy will
Consecrated fidelity
Oneness with the immaculacy of truth, mercy, and grace

Decades of Self-discovery
Finally coming to peace with the many pieces of my life
I am home, resting in His chest
A dream come true
I AM my beloved’s and His desire is toward me
I ravished His heart
I AM the JOY set before Him
Many waters cannot quench this love nor can the floods drown it
For I am persuaded that not even my ignorance to its existence can cut me off its persistence 
Neither my zeal for Him can add to its abundance

For it is finished
He has written His love for me across on a humble tree
Fashioned perfectly, precise timing, epic, completely, lacking not a thing
Not what’s close at hand nor crossing through my mind
No origin of all beginning for all eternity can renounce this great love
Like a gentle touch of a violent river toward a rock
It keeps on knocking
Standing at the door of my heart saying open to me my love
Softly agitating the rocks of pride, disobedience, and the walls of offense 
From stones to flesh, dropping one after another

A might rushing wind
Chills to my refreshed saddled feet
As I stand in the here and now
Wet sand over my toes, a constant cleansing, renewing, redeeming the time that was stolen and lost
Restoring me back to the chastity of pure pleasure in Him
He got down from His throne only to chase after me
I chose you
He puts a ring on my finger, I am His
It is Him that works in me both to will and to do for His good pleasure

To my amazement He hands me the purest and fine, white linen I have ever seen
It’s glory is overpowering
He said, put it on beloved
Now you are ready my Bride
Who would’ve taught I would belong to the King of all kings
But not just any, The One

Today I say,

“I AM my Beloved’s and my Beloved is mine.” 

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