All of me, in all of you
Face to face with the one who holds the universe in His hands
He holds me together
I am put together 
Whole heart, in spirit, soul, and body
I am one with The One, the I AM
The whispers in silence
The presence in stillness
The man in solitude
I am not alone
I cannot hide, nor can I run away
But why would I run away?
I am finally home
My heart is at rest
Beating with His chest
I’ve decided to stay
Right here and right now
There is no better place where satisfaction lay
The deepest longing of my heart is fulfilled in perfection

He is perfect in beauty
Glorious to adore
His perfect love has brought me to perfection
I am complete
I lack nothing
Not yesterday, not today, not tomorrow
Nothing is wasted
The future is bright
He makes everything work together for good

I have been called
I heard my name
He has called me for the purpose of loving Him
To be loved by Him
I am worthy, valued, treasured
My life is a poetry
A workmanship for His enjoyment and pleasure
The creator of the world 
He thought of me, dreamt of me, and created me for His delight

Here I am!

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