Where should I begin or even start?
I am at the end of all of my striving and effort
You are the Beginning and the End, The First and the last
In your presence is the start of me and my life will end present with you

Thank you for your affection
I am grateful for your undivided attention 
You watch over me as my soul slumbers in the night
You do not just give me things to fulfill my desires nor satisfy the cry of my longing
You stir revelation in my heart and give yourself to satiate my soul
For the very depth of me desire for true holiness
One that cannot be duplicated, replicated, or reproduce

Indeed, produce are wholesome edible 
But my soul thirst for a drink that not only quenches my dehydration
Instead, gratify every molecule of hunger and decades of starvation

 Even when I reach for what is near
You stretch out my capacity to grasp something deeper, higher, wider than my scarcity 
For my desires are rooted engrossed beyond what my eyes can see
Far reaching than my flesh can indulge 

No human affection, although flavorful can create vibrant hues
For the rainbow in the sky was crafted for me, from you
A sign of your sweet friendship
It is your covenant of promise to your Beloved

Never again will you destroy humanity because of the weakness of our souls

Rather, you sent your humble Son in SOS due to our fall

This King in His extravagant affection
He cannot deny Himself for the enjoyment of being with me and the pleasure of having me
He is, “Savior Of Souls!”


Each and everyday… 
My beginning starts with you and in you at the end of my day
Filling, overflowing, and surrounding me with yourself
Surely, goodness and mercy will pursue me all the days of my life

It is your love, it is love, it is you!

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