In The Garden

There you are…
A man of sorrow, acquainted with grief
It is not good for you to be alone
Out of your wounded side is the perfect creation of union
Woman of her man and every man born of a woman
The two has become one

Here I am, birthed from your sufferings
I am made whole with your shalom
With your peace I am still
Standing in the garden with you
A help mate in tending 
Presuming I had full knowledge of what is good and evil
Doubted you to lead me to life everlasting
I had fallen, again and again on my face, I feel ashamed

I am casted out from this paradise
Separated from the bliss of belonging to you
I feel the emptiness and loneliness apart from perceiving your nearness
Yet tenderness, your heart is full…
In silence I hear your whispers
In stillness I feel the embrace of your presence 
And in solitude I come face to face with your perfection 
You continue to run after me
You will not relent, you will not let go
Calling me home and taking me back
One with you is where I belong
For two has become one and cannot be separated
Created for bearing fruit
Love, Peace, and Joy is the order
A portion that is given and is blessed

Back in this locked garden
I am your help mate in tending
Choosing your life over knowledge
Intimacy is a gift to know you
For two has become one in spirit, heart and mind
I am bone of your bones and in the flesh your Word is liberated in me
The garden have been redeemed and restored to the Paradise of Bliss
Together as one we have become a perfect unity of divinity and man

I stand before you, naked and unashamed
The river of life is at the center of us 
What more could I ask?
In nothingness is the fullness of pure awareness
The chastity to love, friendship, and adoration has been restored
Therefore, I choose in this moment
To sit, enjoy, and rest in the garden with you
For it is good, indeed it is very good!

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