This is First, Love

The quest…
To be pursued and respond to pursuit
Seeking and searching for affection
Am I worthy of attention
To be chosen out of all
Enough, just me
I have captured your heart
The sweet fragrance of romance
Graceful Dance of one on one
Face to face and intimate

Nothing is hidden but exposed
Splendor and majesty
No more striving but settling 
Resting and nestling 
In H.I.M. is rest!
I AM rested and seated
I am highly lifted above myself
Ceasing from performing
The show beneath me is over 
Embracing perfection and imperfection 
Fully known, yet fully loved


Adorned and Admired
Even in needing and wanting
No more insecurity
He secures me with His fidelity
I am snuggling with His comfort
Awakened by the warmth of His love
I call it quits…

The quest upon the earth
For eye has not seen, nor ear heard
No, it has not even fully entered my understanding
This search for the undying affection
Perpetual adoration night and day
In every mourning is a new beginning
Being pursued and responding to pursuit
Satisfaction is not far
It is here, it is now, it is at hand

So I choose right now
To be in silence, stillness, and wait
Taking a deep breath
Creating a place of solitude in my heart 
To be alone, with H.I.M. alone
The Highest.Intimate.Marriage

Not busy in my thinking
Nor am I moved by my feelings 
Allowing my will to bow in severance and in awe
The King is here!
Only then do I stand 
To give Him honor
He has called my attention
I’m all His!

Completely belonging not wanting for other longing
He is a Bridegroom in His perfection
He has arrived in my chamber
The holy of holies is revealed 

He is the parable of love
He is love, the embodiment of love
He is The Bridegroom and He gives Himself to His Bride
Therefore, I receive my inheritance today
The treasure of my heart and the riches of my soul is HIM


You’re invited to join in the Divine Romance
This transcendental union between God and man
The Bridegroom is pursuing
You are called to respond to the pursuit of Love

Today the true quest has been unveiled 
LOVE Himself is in pursuit for the affection of humanity
Where Heaven invades Earth 
This earthen vessel filled with His glory 
You are invited to fully SEE HIM!

Will you say yes and let the fulfilling journey begin?
You are called to Himself!

This is First, 

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