I Choose H.I.M.

Highest of them all
Euphoric in nature
Seated above all powers
Yet gentle, meek, and lowly
Long-suffering and enduring 
Victorious over sin and death
I cry out, “Holy, holy, holy”
In His presence is my freedom and liberty
A consecrated fidelity
He has healed me and set me apart
To feed on His faithfulness
Consumed by His voice and nearness

Intimate, “IN-TO-ME-SEE”
He knows me
I am fully known, yet fully loved
I was made in secrets
My form was not hidden from His sight
I am His delight
Enjoyment and Pleasure
I am the object of His affection
I got His attention
This glorious King high and lifted up
He chose me for a Bride
Forever and for all Eternity

Marriage, Here we come
Two becoming One
In Spirit, heart, and flesh
The Garden is fresh
Naked and Unashamed
In the bond of peace, faith, and hope
This is the New Covenant
Union between God and man
Old things have passed away
Behold, all things have become new
I have made up my mind 

I choose H.I.M.
The Highest, Intimate, Marriage I thee wed!

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