Singing Gratitude

I AM thankful for you Abba!
I AM thankful for our connection.
I AM thankful for our oneness.
I AM thankful for our friendship.

Thank you for being here.
That you never leave me nor forsake me.

Thank you that you are with me wherever I go.
This truth has been my strength and courage each day.

Thank you for inspiring me.
Thank you for celebrating me.
Thank you for enjoying me.
Thank you for being proud of me.
Thank you for owning me.
Thank you for your presence in every breathe, every moment, right here and now.

I appreciate your goodness.
I appreciate your support.
I appreciate your unchanging nature.
I appreciate your unwavering love.
I appreciate your unrelenting pursuit.
I appreciate your undying affection.

You are for me.
You are my strong tower.
You cover me.
You protect me.
You cleanse me.
You wash me. 
You adore me.
You watch over me night and day.

You won’t let go.
You won’t give up.
Tomorrow, you will do it all over again. 

I AM Grateful for you!

Therefore, I sing to you.
Oh yes, I sing gratitude to you, I sing.

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