The Light Travel

I once believed that I AM traveling on this path toward the light alone, seeking for a companion. Then I was awoken by the light and realized that I AM in the light. I then felt light in my thinking and feeling. 

I began to believe that if I AM in the light though I cannot sense it, that the light is in me. 

Therefore, I AM the light! 

This enlightenment then changed the way that I AM traveling on this found path. I felt abundant! That I’m not seeking anymore but discovering the light that is in me, the light that I AM. 

I began to slow down to enjoy this light travel. 

I began to delight in what I AM shining upon and enjoying.

I AM astonished by this beautiful flower that sprung up almost unnoticed on this travelled path. But my light couldn’t avoid nor ignore the treasure this ONE is. I AM grateful to have seen what beauty this flower is blossoming into. None like I’ve seen before. This flower is elegant to behold, gentle in approaching my senses, yet a bold expression of beauty. 

I have new emotions that are not familiar and certainly not predictable in the experience I AM encountering. I don’t even have language yet to articulate what I can only describe at the moment to be beyond hope or greatness that I AM walking in.

I then opened my eyes and suddenly realized, I AM never alone! 

Light, Love, Beauty, Presence, Pleasure, Bliss, is all right here in front of me to partake in, all right here inside of me, all right here that I AM. 

What I AM experiencing is what I AM seeing that I AM embodying. 

This elegant flower that beholds my attention, gentle in approaching my understanding, yet indeed a bold expression of the beauty that I AM.

Yes, I AM this beautiful light shining upon this beautiful flower on this traveled path. 

YOU, is this beautiful flower. 

Equally significant to say, YOU is me as what I’ve come to enjoy about you is what I realized I AM embracing about myself. 

LOVE is a mirror and LIFE is how we get to enjoy to behold ourselves through each other in the lens of love.  

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