That Which Is Greater

How many times can I write about this?

As often as my heart and mind desire to engage with the perfection of love, it is permitted! 

You cannot quantify its pervasiveness, and you cannot measure its vastness. It has no beginning, nor will it ever end. It is always present, ready to engage, always hopes, believing, and enduring in all things. 

I am sitting here on what I call “my resting chair,” in solitude, in stillness, and in silence often is when love reveals itself to me. 

Well, so at least, that is how I perceived it. That to encounter love, I have to be a certain way in my being and intention to connect. So I experience this tension with this desire to capture this divine moment at the onset, with the pure intent to remember. Then in the same manner, not wanting to perform any longer, but surrendering, resting, and abiding in love. To allow it to submerge me in its gentle embrace yet overcoming presence. 

Love is pursuing me more than I am in pursuit of it. 

How sacred and set apart, is this one thing?

Love never fails!

So I let go, again and again! To surrender from all of what I once believed and held faithfully, near and dear to my heart. I’m trusting in love’s existence apart from my awareness and desire to engage in any given moment. 

Omnipotent, omniscient, and omnipresent, it is here and now. 

Its intention is always for me to captivate my heart and satisfy my thirsty and longing soul. I cannot be too zealous for it so to gain more of it. Nor can I be too naive of it that I lack in what I get from it.

Love is… in its indescribable form, perfect in all angles. 

The more I bask solely in its bearing, the more I understand and come to realize why love adores my humanity. The more I happen to love me and enjoy what I see when I look in the mirror, that is, the mirror of love. 

In the weakness of my heart and frailty of my soul, love pours in and out undyingly. I cannot escape its desire and longing for the full affection of my soul and the loyal devotion of my heart so that I can fully receive its union and communion. 

Love is not asking for love back, nor does it want more than to love me in this present moment when I feel the most unloved, undesirable, and unwanted. 

Love’s quest is only to give, not even for an exchange, for it does not diminish the essence of it in the absence of my participation. It is more than enough for I AM enough for love.

So let go and just let it be! Enter your soul’s rest today, which is in love.

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