The Great, I AM

When I pause right here, and right now, I am overwhelmed with the sense of nearness and closeness.

Suddenly in the twinkling of an eye, there I AM with the life-giving revelation of my ONEness with the Divine. 

Intimacy… IN-TO-ME-SEE 

…the vastness and the sea of love, light, and life.

Beyond wonder and what my heart can comprehend to explore the shore.
The land between the ordinary and that which is more.
The sea transcends the limitless, right now is where I feel limited.
The dimension where I’m sure of my footing is the extent of the path I’ve chosen.

I AM, chosen! 

To walk ob the streets of gold, entwined as one with THE ONE.
Nothing else matters, but how I continue to wonder not wander away from the path I’ve chosen to affect my Soul.
I have to be nowhere, but now here with the Great I AM.
I cannot separate the two, but there is a slight space in between, but is that true?

NOWHERE & NOW HERE is all happening today, in the present moment.
The Great I AM, indeed That Which Is Greater, I AM!
It is not that much of a difference, only an open mind into the quantum space of the unknown.

Equally present in the unknown is nowhere, and now here is the unknown.

The equal presence of the Great I AM is also present with the person that I AM.

Do you see it?
Do you perceive it?
Do you understand?
Do you comprehend?

The beginning of wisdom is facing the mirror of freedom.
Two becoming one, in spirit, heart, mind, and soul.
In the bond of peace, faith, hope, and in love.

This is my identity, I AM!

You are me, and me is you when we acknowledge I AM.
There is no separation, only union with you, and The Great, I AM

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