Past, Present, Future

Present and Future reality is now and here.
Everything of abundance is at hand and not far-reaching.
All sufferings are self-inflicted.
The quest for understanding the why, why, why of yesterday’s questioning has kept me in the same timeline.

Tenderness of heart is all that is needed in the present.
Self-care, Self-compassion, ultimately Self-love.
Forgiving the past, letting go, moving on, and forward.
Anchoring to hope and connecting to all the possibilities of a new narrative of Self in the future.
Foretelling and forecasting the insight of what’s to come.
Engaging my whole heart and allowing my Soul to be fully affected by the intensity of my cause of tomorrow.

I was the outcome of a desire for union.
Two people have not dreamt of me, but the divine knew me.
Fully known, yet fully loved, naked and unashamed.
There I was in my mother’s womb, created and called with a purpose.

I was once affected by everything and anything the mass has done.
Every thought, feeling, and choosing is a staggering dagger upon my heart.
My Soul, in prisoned by my own strength.

I’m exhausted!

Running away, chasing my shadow, unending.

Enough is enough!

Freedom is what I’ve been seeking, but I can only find it in surrender.

Not to someone or something, but from my past…

I’m finally letting go!

Freeing up my heart to be fully present nowhere, just BE now, here.

S.I.T. and rest child…

My Soul, Intently, Trusting in the divines desire to unite with my humanity. 

Let the weak say, “I AM strong!”

Only then, when I’m not protecting and preserving my past, will my hands be fully open to receive today my desire to experience my preferred and chosen future reality.

So what is left of me?

Today, I choose to let go of the past to embrace my future self, without hesitation nor fear of the unknown.

So I rest in the Present!

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