What is Love?

The moment I engaged with that question, my body immediately felt the limitation embedded in the spoken form.

So what is Love?

not a thing, nor a person, unconditional, and indescribable… 

However, I will try in my humanity to put into words my divinity, so to attempt to recreate a timeless masterpiece. 

Limitless, transcendence, beyond form or word articulation, frequency, vibration, resonance, energy…

not perceived, but felt.
not an investment, but an embodiment.
not earned, but given freely.
not lost, but presence.

What is love?

The realization of the Soul’s divine BE.auty— was, is, and always will be…
Lavish, Outpouring, Vehement, Eternal LOVE.

Unattached from the collaboration of another.
Wanting but not in need.
Not in lack, nor hoping for luck. 
Feeling utterly whole in the divinity of Self.

Fulfilled, yet a deep desire to BE with another Soul for the sole purpose of creating the moment with sensuality and feelings. Surrendering not resisting the animalistic and primal nature of Self… 

so to feel my humanity that longs for the energetic resonance of Self in the body reflected in another which is BEing IN-LOVE.

When the Soul tries to explain what was, is, and always will be THE essence…

tho word,

words are art pieces that invite the imagination of a master craftsman to create new experiences in the present reality

language can be limited to the container that is the understanding of the human mind and experiences.

So yes, love can be perceived in many ways, if so, you choose to describe it which is tried. Striving instead of simply BEing and embodying what is existing, was, is, and always will be.

Human perception is often only as deep, wide, and high as the individual’s experience has been, a memory of past, history told and old stories still held dearly in embrace.

What IF we experience our essence, true love within Self, allowing the floodgate to burst forth that is of the nature?

…unlimited, unhindered, unbounded, even untamed. 

Then we can stay H.E.A.R.t Centered in our pursuit for experiences…

LOVE becomes the presence that was, is, and always has been, now, here, felt completely whole in the body. Without reasoning its energy, but giving in, and surrendering to the presence…

I AM, Love.

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