HEAR Truth

Do you hear me?
The HEARt says
Are you listening as I speak?
For to speak your truth, you must hear your truth

What is truth?

Some say, that there is The Truth of all truth
One Universal truth for us all
So come follow me
Let me show you the way

Is that really the truth?

Or does each and every Soul has its Authentic Truth?

It is easy to follow
Turn here, go there, adventure is everywhere

“Let your curiosity lead your exploration…,” the HEARt says.

For if you truly seek the path that is authentic to your Soul
Loneliness can present itself as a waving neon detour
Resistance can drive you to a freeway that is far from liberating

So ask yourself, “Is your Soul’s Authentic Expression vital to experiencing your pure essence?”

If so,
What will it take?
How far are you willing to go?
Will you let go of your pre-conceived idea of The S.E.L.F.?

Are you willing, to HEAR truth of the HEARt without a doubt?

Shh, silence, and listen…

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