She Opens

A wise man once said to me,

“everyday we are learning and choosing to walk each other home to Self.”

and my version says, “home to The HEARt.”
….the heart.
the heart,
the heart…

for from the heart FLOw’s Intuitive Wisdom, Light, Love, and a Life full of experiences…

The heart leads,
the mind knows,
the body feels the energetic resonance of your authentic path.

“I don’t know how I know, but dang it, I Know!”

Recently, I’ve experienced what can be perceived as a hit, hurt, wounding, pain, per “human understanding.”

A friend ask me,  “how is your heart nowadays?”

And I said, “Same— heart is perfect!”

I continue…

Yes my humanity felt the hit of a sudden end to a relationship which is an illusion of perception that LOVE can experience loss. 

So I processed the grief as understood in the mind. Yes, I’m still in this emotional-energetic body and the feeling is real even thou it’s an illusion. BUT…

My essence as LOVE,
My HEARt is NEVER broken. 

THE truth

The HEARt, She Opens…

That experience allowed me to SEE… oh truly SEA the vastness of the HEARt. Every perception of heartbreak is just it… 

A perception, which ONLY exist in my humanity… so felt only in the emotional-energetic body of Self. The ache! Ouch!!

The HEARt, Oh the SEA of this nature essence…it CANNOT break, 

I REPEAT… it NEVER breaks…. 

Instead… OPEN… She’s even more open to the present day unfolding.

It feels as though, She’s broken, only for a moment. Our BE.autiful Mind try to make sense of what happened to protect the body in the future, to understand the undesired energetic feeling in the body… 

crackling, tug, pull, stretching,… feels like something is collapsing… 

…total opposite! There is no future, only the present moment.

What does it mean to be human? 

Our experiences moment by moment is the Treasure of Humanity.

The house may break and fall apart in its due seasons (perception and the structure of the Human Mind).

But the HOME (the heart) can NEVER BE broken.

So everyday lets choose to walk each other home in the safety of 

The HEARt.

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