SELF, The Creator

I was the woman who struggled with self-esteem for at least three decades of her life. Seen by many as too much, yet often felt not enough. 

I began to pursue everything and everyone without knowing what I was seeking. Cliche as it sounds, I did hit rock bottom. And from that concussion, I realized something has to change if I want to find love and experience fulfillment in my life. 

Intuitively, now I understand that what I was seeking is the Discovery of SELF, embracing my authenticity, and expressing the fullness of my truth. It has been an eight-year journey of Coming Home to Self, being at rest, and home in my H.E.A.R.t.

I’m fascinated with words, the simplicity and intricacy of this art. I love and enjoy my Soul Authentic Expression through Spoken words and Inked.

Poetry is one of those channels.

Collaborate and Co-create with my Energy: