N. (U.S.)


Expressing my needs in a relationship has always been a struggle and I’ve learned in the last couple months of being with Zach that open conversations are safe and necessary. So that comment of making it clear that I need direct communication is a nice reminder of what I can do to feel like my needs are being met in the relationship.

What I most valued or appreciated about this reading is … The part when you say, “Love and new beginning is being offered to you from the Universe through Zach and you are hesitant to surrender into it and fully experience love without judgment” resonates 100% because I’ve felt hesitant in allowing him into my space and sharing my heart with someone. Especially when it’s been torn apart in the past. I feel like I’m still healing, but the past keeps creeping up like some sort of PTSD. I’m attending therapy sessions and feeling that slowly, but surely I am becoming more aware of how I can pursue relationships moving forward. Beautiful reading. Thank you so much for your wisdom.